February, 2019

Welcome to the second issue of The Tenant! Each issue of The Tenant will feature updates from LATU locals about recent goings-on in their neighborhood. We hope this will foster solidarity and communication across LATU citywide. We would appreciate any feedback at media@latenantsunion.org
— LA Tenants Union media committee

South Central

There was a great turnout at a tenants’ rights workshop in Leimert Park, hosted by our South Central local this month. LATU organizers have laid the groundwork for a new local to support tenants in Baldwin Hills, Leimert Park and Crenshaw (BLC). Two tenants that the local has been supporting have evaded eviction: Nikendra settled in court, and Linda’s case was thrown out. The local is also working with a building in Watts and a building in Leimert Park, both of which are in crisis and are in the process of forming tenants associations (TAs).


NELo organizers hosted a tenants’ rights workshop at a 6-unit RSO building on Griffin Ave that some tenants have called home for over twenty years. The new owner has been issuing cash-for-keys buyouts, but tenants are committed to staying in their homes.

The Aladdin TA is a newly-forming group of tenants living in a rent-stabilized building, facing cash-for-keys offers and dilapidated living conditions. The buildings’ ownership seems to have changed hands, and the TA will demand that the new landlords stop harassing them.

The Inquilinxs Unidos de los Cinco Puntos (IUCP) TA has been fighting back against habitability issues and harassment through direct action and by discussing their demands with their landlord. LATU organizers continue to pressure the owners to arrive at a reasonable rent increase schedule.


Mid-City hosted the LATU February General Meeting on tenant harassment and the Anti-Harassment Ordinance (AHO). To learn more about the AHO and how to support it, email policy@latenantsunion.org.

The local is expanding its organizing efforts into the South Robertson/Palms area, supporting the Livonia TA, and re-focusing on building capacity and community ties. If you’re interested in growing the local, shoot an e-mail to mid-city@latenantsunion.org or come to a meeting at Catch One nightclub from 7–9 on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month.


Our Hollywood local has created a new TA formation committee in order to increase capacity to support a growing number of tenants in crisis. Organizing work is already underway on two buildings bought by Slate Property Group from New York. Tenants were offered cash-for-keys offers and told they would have to leave in order to make way for major renovations. The tenants are in the process of forming a TA. The Gershwin TA has successfully pushed back against their property owner, and the on-site manager who has terrorized tenants has been fired. The new manager is in talks with the TA, and is getting the ledgers corrected and the services fully restored.


Martina and Teresa’s fight for their housing continues. After their landlord, Luis Martinez, lost in court in December, he has begun a new round of attacks and is trying to file an eviction proceeding against the tenants once more. But Teresa and Martina remain strong! The local is planning two actions: one at the Martinez’s office, and one in his neighbourhood. Stay tuned!


The Waverly tenants’ valiant struggle against one of LA’s most notorious landlords, Steven Taylor, continues. With dozens of supporters and organizers from NELo and VyBe, the tenants staged a round-the-clock anti-eviction occupation at the Peffers’ home at 2965 Waverly until the sheriff’s deputies came to lock them out. The TA stands by their demand that Steven Taylor, negotiate fair rents with the remaining tenants; and that all tenants across the city boycott rental properties owned by Taylor Equities.

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